Want to sizzle up that site with some summer-hot graphics? Webmonkey's fast and friendly tutorials teach you how to get the right image.

Web Graphics Overview

Just getting started? Not sure if you should you scan in photos or take digital pics? How do you upload graphics? What HTML do you use to make pics appear on your site? Webmonkey has all the answers.

From Shutter Click to Mouse Click

This digital photography tutorial has everything a developing mind needs: color correction nitty-gritty, cleanup techniques, image resizing lowdown, thumbnail creation tips, and more!

Fun with Filters

Webmonkey reveals how to completely transform your images by harnessing the dazzling, special-effect powers of Photoshop filters.

A JavaScript Slideshow

Have we got a summer project for you! This simple, step-by-step tutorial teaches you how to build an online slideshow of all your vacation pics. Now when people ask what you did this summer, you can let your site do the showing and telling.


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