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Blog Customization
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1. Using the Blog Customization Tool

The Blog Customization tool was created to give more advanced users exact control over the design of their blogs. So whether you want to tweak an existing blog builder template or furnish your blog with an entirely new design, the Blog Customization tool can help.

The best way to get started using the Blog Customization tool is to think of your blog in sections. Your blog is composed of a number of separate pages, some of which are in turn composed of individual elements. For instance, your main blog page contains both blog entries and site navigation, each of which is its own, editable element.

The Blog Customization tool is made up of separate templates that each correspond to your blog's pages and elements. If a blog page features more than one component, the Blog Customization tool offers a template for the page itself as well as a template for each individual element on that page.

For example, to alter the main page of your blog, there is a template in the Blog Customization tool that lets you change the design of the page as a whole (the "Main Page Layout" template), and there are templates that let you change the design of the individual elements that make up the main blog page: the "Entries on Main Page" template (which controls the design of the entries themselves) and the "Links on Main Page" template (which controls the design of the navigational links).

With that in mind, let's take a closer look at the hierarchy of the blog pages and elements.

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