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Blog Customization Tutorial


Blog Customization
Tool Tutorial

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Publish, Unpublish,
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Blog Management Tools


6. Blog Management Tools

After you've published your Blog Customization Tool changes, return to the main Blog Control Panel and utilize the Blog Management tools.

Blog Control Panel
The Blog Management Tools.

The Change Appearance tool lets you select:

  • Colors (the link colors, the font color for each entry's title and text, the background color or image for the entire blog page, the background color or image for the navigation panel, link colors, and the border color for the calendar).
  • Fonts (face and size of each entry's title and text).
  • A new blog template (note: changing templates may require your blog customizations to be modified).

The Change Settings tool lets you select:

  • Style of entry archives (calendar versus list).
  • Formatting of each entry's header (e.g., "Tuesday, 2 September 2003" versus "02/09/2003").
  • Wording of each entry's footer.
  • Number of entries that display per page.

The Create/Edit Profile tool lets you change the actual text of your Profile.

The Edit Topic List tool lets you edit, delete, and add the topics into which you sort your entries (for example "Sports", "Movies", and "Romance").

The Manage Links tool lets you add new links, delete existing links, or alter the name and URL of your existing links.

The Manage Buddy List tool lets you delete a buddy, add a new buddy, create a buddy group, or edit a buddy group.

The Manage Buddy Page tool lets you select the blogs to include on your Buddy page.


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