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Blog Customization Tutorial


Blog Customization
Tool Tutorial

Pages and Elements

Using Components
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3. Using Components and Variables

Now that you have the Main Page Layout open in the editing environment of the Blog Customization Tool, you should see a main editing window on the right with links to explanations of Components and Variables on the left. The main editing window is populated with the code for your main blog page.

Main Page Layout
The Main Page Layout editing environment.

The best way to get comfortable with the tool is to try a little experimenting. Change the pixel-width of the leftPanel, or change the padding of the titlebar, then click "Preview" to see what it does to the overall design of the page. Next try commenting out one of the components (using <!-- and --> tags), such as <BLOG_CMP CALENDAR>. Notice how that removes the calendar archive completely from the main blog page. You can also shuffle the components to change the order in which the elements appear on the page.

You can even use the Blog Customization Tool to implement an entirely new design.

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