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Blog Customization
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Publish, Unpublish,
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5. Publish, Unpublish, and Delete

After you finish making all your tweaks and changes, you can choose to Publish them or you can Delete them and start over. You can even revert to your previous specifications. To publish or unpublish your changes, utilize the panel of buttons at the bottom of the Blog Customization Tool:

Publish Button Panel
The Blog Customization Tool panel of publishing options.

  • Edit lets you alter a template. If you Save your changes in the editing environment, it makes a copy of the file in your blog directory.
  • Preview lets you see how your changes affect the appearance of your blog.
  • Publish makes all your changes appear on your live site.
  • Unpublish reverts your site to the original template. Note: your customized version is still available for editing and republishing.
  • Delete removes your customizations and reverts to the original template settings.
  • Upload lets you replace the selected file with whichever file you specify.
  • View Source gives you a clean copy of the source code for the specified file. This can be useful if you prefer to edit your template locally and Upload it later.
  • Cancel leaves your templates unchanged and returns you to the main Blog Control Panel.

Note that when you edit and save a .btpl page, a copy is created in your blog directory (home_directory/blog_publish_name). You can then Upload or Download it as you please using Blug Customization Tool's built-in functions, or via FTP (access the FTP Help Files for more information). And remember, file changes will not appear on the live site until you Publish them.

Once you've perfected your design using the Blog Customization Tool, use the Blog Management tools (located at the bottom of the main Blog Control Panel) to put the finishing touches on your site.

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