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4. Designing from Scratch

Implementing an entirely new blog design is easy to do with the Blog Customization Tool. For instance if you want to match your blog design to your existing webpage design, simply paste the code for the new design in to the editing environment, then plug in the component codes where they belong in your layout.

To change the appearance of one of the elements on the page, for instance the Entries element on the Main Blog Page, return to main page of the Blog Customization Tool and select the "Entries on Main Page" function. To return to the main page of the Blog Customization Tool, click Save if you'd like to keep your changes, or Cancel if you'd prefer to leave the Main Page Layout unchanged. Note that saved changes will not appear on your live site until you Publish them (more on that in the Publish, Unpublish, and Delete section).

If you've built your new blog design using stylesheets, make sure you include the <BLOG_CMP STYLESHEET> component in the <HEAD> of the page. To edit the stylesheet itself, select the "Stylesheet" template and edit the stylesheet in accordance with your design.

While you can hard-code elements such as colors and font sizes, your design remains much more flexible if you set things up using the Blog Customization Tool Variables, then utilize the Blog Management Tools (found on the main Blog Control Panel) to fine-tune your design (more on that in the Blog Management Tools section).

Once you've implemented all your blog design changes using the Blog Customization Tool, you have the option of saving the changes or canceling them and starting over. Let's take a closer look at your publishing options.

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